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ANI Food and Beverages Co’s idea was to make available meals that are an amalgamation of convenience and health besides giving a taste, touch, and feel of homemade food.

ANI Food and Beverages Co’s objective to bring in meals ready to eat that would not just be edible but significantly delicious took the team to an endeavor to gain experience, do research and gather information from experts to materialize the idea. ANI Food and Beverages Co. thus is the consequence of an amazing conception, extensive research, strenuous effort, and assess implementation. We call it delicious food anytime.

The ready to eat products at ANI Food and Beverages Co. is conceived and prepared by qualified Chefs in their respective cuisines. The food packs are preservative-free, 100% natural and easy to store with an enhanced shelf life. The unique concept of sterile technology brings you the freshly cooked food that every Indian is fond of.

Our healthy, home-style prepared meals can be substituted with regular cooked meals in your kitchen anytime as per need or convenience. Moreover, these ready to eat meals make travel whether domestic or international handy and affordable. These are great for professionals on an assignment who have no time to cook, students living abroad, budget travelers, people traveling with children or parents, or even backpackers as these meals are easy to carry and super easy to make.

ANI Food and Beverages Co. aims to be one of the leading convenience food providers of products that meet modern lifestyle needs, tackle hygiene concerns and build rapport with its patrons for life. Our exuberance for food will keep us working on new recipes so that we come up with more delicacies to serve you more and better.

This is a company run by people who’re passionate about food, its impact on our own lives and the food. We eat what we offer. We offer what we eat. We’re accountable. We’re responsible. We’re absolute foodies! After all, Nothing brings people together like Simply Good Food!

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